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Frequently Asked Questions

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IDESS Health and Safety

ID Elite Soccer Schools primary responsibility is the health and safety of your child.

ID Elite has in place security and safety checks to ensure that your child is protected from any possible dangers or hazards.

Before each and every school, coaches will:-

  • Check all equipment is safe and appropriate.
  • Check the playing area and facilities for actual or potential hazards.
  • Check the register of participants has been maintained.

All coaching staff have a current First Aid Certificate and have attended and completed GOAL - The Football Association Child Protection and best practice workshop.

About ID Elite

Ian Horswell and Dieter Paland set up ID Elite in 2003 to provide weekly fun coaching to children in a safe environment. The school has gone from strength to strength with thousands of local children having been to ID Elite since inception. The current Jersey FA's centre of excellence is full of former ID Elite students who are representing Jersey at various age levels. It's not just our players, several of our coaches have gone on to coach at the Centre of Excellence and even abroad! Parents can choose hourly classes either on a Saturday or Sunday which start on the hour from 9am.

As we have grown we have created holiday school programs to give children more sport during the school holidays. Our soccer and multi sports schools are ideal for sports hungry stars and a perfect way for parents to keep their children entertained during the holiday period. Our classes run between 8:30 and 15:30 and our venues offer dual facilities to help deal with the unpredictable weather.

One of the most popular requests we receive at ID Elite is for an ID Elite party! Every child loves hand picking his/her best friends (or whole class!) to have a football party! These are a really flexible and great option to keep energetic entertained for up to 2 hours.

We look forward to coaching your child in the near future.

Ian, Dieter and everyone at ID Elite

Your IDESS Ltd Terms & Conditions

  1. A full months notice is required of the intention to remove a child from the school.
  2. Vehicles are parked at owner's risk.
  3. I.D.E.S.S Ltd is not responsible for personal property left at a sports facility or lost.
  4. Under no circumstances will I.D.E.S.S Ltd be responsible for any accident or injury to person or persons using the facilities. Neither will the sports facility be responsible for any damage or loss to personal property.
  5. Any confirmed place will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee if notice is given in writing up to one month before each term starts. After this period we cannot offer a refund.
  6. During February and October holiday periods we only run the Holiday Soccer School.
  7. Any child attending the holiday schools must be signed in/out by a parent/guardian.
  8. A £10 fee will be charged for each 15 minute period that pick up is delayed after the course finishing time.
  9. It is the responsibility of each parent to records updated.


I will only add my own children.
Any child/children in my account that are not my own will be removed.

I give consent for my son/ daughter to participate in I.D.E.S.S.
I undertake to see my son/ daughter is provided with the required equipment and clothing and agree that IDESS Ltd will not be responsible for any expense, consequential loss, legal liability, loss or damage to any property or person arising from any matters, acts and/or defaults outside its control.

I give permission for any photographs/video footage taken of my child/ren during the course to be used for IDESS web site. IDESS Ltd will not share these details with third parties for marketing. IDESS Ltd are collecting personal details for the administration of weekly soccer school and IDESS holiday clubs. We will not pass your details onto any other party.

Don't just take our word for it!

About ID Elite Academy

The ID Elite Soccer Academy was formed in October 2006 for the progression of selected players from ID Elite Soccer School.

With our enthusiasm and knowledge of junior football, we ensure that every player that has gained promotion to the Academy from the School will progress positively in many aspects of the game.

At ID Elite Soccer Academy we will be raising the bar a little higher, and pushing the Academy players that bit further than they would be at the Soccer School.

The Academy is for Year 4 & 5 students. At these ages our priority is to introduce a high level of technique and skill in the basics of football, including dribbling, heading, turning, passing and shooting. To add to this, we shall also be introducing speed, agility and co-ordination training in preparation for the players promotion into Grouville Football Club when they reach year 6.

At the Academy there is an established written curriculum that will successfully and consistently improve our players abilities, and with our written evaluation process, enable us to effectively monitor every players progress.

To further enhance the competitive streak of Academy players, our coaches will also be introducing basic tactical knowledge in small sided games, which will be match specific for the entry of tournaments in Jersey & Guernsey.

The Academy will be introducing two awards. The Most Improved player of the Term, and the Coaches Player of the Term will be awarded to the winning student at the end of each term. With parental/guardian consent, the winning student will have their photo placed on the Roll of Honour section on the Academy website. We hope these awards will be an added incentive for the children to increase their learning and understanding, and also to encourage good behaviour.

As part of the ongoing progress and development of the Academy, we also aim to provide an option for future trials with our links at Professional Academies in the UK.

We at ID Elite Academy, look forward to your continuing support in helping us, develop your children's talents into the best they can be.

Yours sincerely

Dieter Paland

ID Elite Academy Manager

Contact info amended, please direct your inquiries directly to
Contact Form

Over the past couple of years we have been delighted with both Will and Edward's development. Their improving football skills, awareness and enjoyment of the game are very much down to the coaching abilities and infectious enthusiasm of the ID Elite team. The boys and their friends continue to have tremendous fun learning the basics and more advanced skills and the recent mini tournament was a reflection of all the hard work Ian and Dieter have put into the school. Well done.

Jonathan Giles, Parent

Our son Massimo has been training with Ian and Dieter at ID Elite for nearly 3 years now. His football skills , game play and confidence have progressed hugely in that time. Ian & Dieter are great with all the children. They are totally focussed, enthusiastic and trustworthy. The children really listen and look up to them. It can be a battle to get my son ready on a school day, but on Sunday mornings the only battle is what football strip he will wear!

Ian Furness, Parent

ID Elite is the most fantastic holiday club. My son absolutely loves it, he cant wait for the holidays to come round! The training is fantastic, at the end of each holiday we can see his improvement at his weekend football sessions. Penalty King is an added highlight for him! The price is affordable and justifiable. My youngest cant wait to be old enough to attend the holiday clubs next year. Laura MacDonald

Laura MacDonald, Parent